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Need Help With Your Pre Camera Drone Purchase Research?

  • Camera drone introduction
  • Doing research about camera drones
  • About Cameradojo

Since their uses as a surveillance device for the military, camera drones have evolved and have become a commercial success as well. More and more people are buying camera drones for personal use and for aerial photography. That’s why drone reviews at camera dojo are now very useful, but more on that later. These unmanned aerial vehicles are very easy to operate. It’s just like that remote control helicopter toy that you owned when you were a kid, only with cooler and useful features.

If you are shopping for one though, you have to do the proper research to identify which camera drone you will buy so that you won’t have an ounce of regret later on. Because trust me, since drones are pricier than other gadgets and devices, it would be in your best interest to get the best available one in the market today. Believe me, I learned that the hard way! So, when doing your research, what you need to do is to identify a few things. First is, what do you need this drone for? Will it be for casual aerial photography purposes or will you be adding an aerial photography package in your business? Things like these, although it seems trivial can mean the difference between getting the right drone.

For example, if you are only using it as a hobby, a drone capable of flying 18-20 minutes should be enough for you. If you are a professional photographer though, 20 minutes of flight simply won’t cut it. You need more minutes! So naturally, you will for drones that can last up to 25 minutes or more. Next is to identify what other features would you like to have in a drone. You need to know if it has a built-in camera, or are you going to have to attach your GoPro into it in order to take pictures. There are other cool features that these drones can offer. You just need to make sure that those features are useful for you. Lastly, how much are you willing to spend on these devices? It’s a question of budget, which is most likely the most determining factor in your shopping. Am I right?

And if you’re planning on giving gifts for a photographer, a couple of unique drones would be quite a choice. In more than one, these drones offer a unique feature to your images in that they give a number of options on how to present your images. So it pays to do your research, though.

Always explore other options and avenues even when purchasing gadgets, such as with these drones. It’s just like having an iherb coupon code before cashing in on that supplement, to cite the idea of purchasing products from There’s not much difference really when it comes to buying the right drone for your photography.

If you need reviews about drones, can provide you great ones that are on point and honest. That site should help you in your pre purchase research. Check it out now!

The Secret Behind that Immediate Hiring

  • Incorporating that appropriate design into your resume
  • Sample to choose from online as far as resume goes
  • How to make your potential boss say “yes” to your job application

It may sound preposterous at times, but there is a design behind every resume. There’s actually a secret that you can do to your resume for you to have that desired job. And the secret is simply a resume sample design.


Like a trained artist, you have to design your resume in a way that would make your incoming say some nice things about you, even if you haven’t had that interview yet. If you can design your resume, using that resume sample design, then it is only a matter of time before you can receive a return call for that job.

Create an impression that you are up for the job right from the get-go, by being creative or innovative for that matter. And you can only do that by writing resumes with some emulation and inspiration from this resume sample design.

Interviews are just formalities most of the time. The real work as far as hiring is concerned is in the resume department. Now, if you can submit a resume that has all the aspects of this resume sample design, then your process is as smooth as that expression which says “You’re hired”.

And what better way to secure that kind of situation than by sorting or writing your resume based on that resume sample design. You would notice that job hunting is so easy with some aid from this resume sample design.

Where can you find a resume that has a design so cool to the eye and has that content that agrees with what that company is looking for? And that is only made possible, according to the art of this resume sample design.

Making Photo Editing Easy with Lightroom

  • Editing comes easy, courtesy of these Lightroom presets
  • Enhancing your photo images in a lot of ways via presets for Lightroom
  • A storing system for you to save your files and images through Lightroom presets

Don’t just settle for less when it comes to enhancing your photos. As much as possible, go for the best tools for you to create the best photo images in the process. That has always been the norm when producing quality photos. And what better way to have that kind of effect than having these Lightroom presets torrent in your unit.


Enough of these ordinary tools that can only make limited enhancements to your photos. Lightroom is there for you to have that desired effect you’ve always wanted with your photos. It is just a matter of finding the right tools, such as in the case of these Lightroom presets torrent, that you will be able to post quality pictures online.

It is crucial that you have the appropriate tool or solution for the enhancement of your photos, whether you’re having landscape photography or creating beautiful portraits. Lightroom presets torrent, needless to say, makes it all possible for you. You need not scour further online to make further improvements on your photo, this Lightroom solution is more than enough for you to achieve that kind of effect.

Lightroom presets torrent allows you to edit your photos in so short a time, unlike in the old days where you have to wait for days at times for you to enjoy your picture. Lightroom has taken the shortest route for that without sacrificing the quality of your photos. And mind you, there are also additional tools for you to complete the experience, courtesy of its video tutorial and its storing system for your files.

So get these Lightroom presets torrent now for that total photo experience. Not all photo-editing apps can make that kind of enhancement for your photos. The least that these apps can do is either increase the color or light of your photo images. Other than that, you are left with a lifeless image in front of you. With Lightroom presets torrent, though, you will have none of that.

Camera Gear Preparation for Wedding Photography

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the right photography equipments
  • Wedding photography is more convenient and easy when you have two sets of DSLR camera.
  • In this article, we will focus more on how photographers prepare before the wedding shoot.

Generally, wedding photography is one of the most thrilling type of photography since you need to consider a lot of  things such as the camera and lens to use, the couple’s wedding concepts and ideas and more.

In this article, we will focus more on how photographers prepare before the wedding shoot.

Digital camera capturing

Essentially, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the right photography equipment (camera, extra lenses, battery, tripod, photo editing tool like Lightroom, ready to use wedding preset for Lightroom by Sleeklens  and drone if possible). Obviously, you have to invest your earnings with the right set of equipment.

Wedding photography is more convenient and easy when you have two sets of DSLR camera. I recommend that you use two advanced DSLR cameras. Why? Aside from the fact that you don’t need to change batteries every now and then, you can also see the difference and choose which is more appropriate between the two images.

Also, owning two sets of DSLR cameras is more reliable. You don’t know when will your other camera will fail or not. It is much safer to bring extra cameras with you for you not to compromise the time and effort of your clients.

The next thing you need to prepare is a set of memory cards. Expect to run out of storage on that day since you would want to capture everything there. Also, just like anything, you can’t expect one memory card to work perfectly fine. So, it’s better to bring a lot of extras than sorry.

The next thing that we will discuss is not a thing, but rather a question to ponder on. When shooting a wedding, you should always know when to use the flash or not. Ideally, photographers don’t use flash since it’s annoying to the eye.

Lastly and most importantly, you need to be skilled enough with lightings, and the basics of photography for you to produce the best and perfect wedding shots.

Create Vintage Photographs Like a Pro

  • Photographers use different post processing tools to create a vintage look.
  • Vintage art and photography has become popular with the public.
  • Vintage means old or antique.

Vintage or candid photography has been such a great subject for both amateur and professional photographers. It takes courage, great skills and passion to create and make the best vintage photograph.

When defining the word “vintage”, it means old-fashioned or antique. In modern photography, you have to turn a well and modernized image into an old photograph.

nPhotographers and other artists use different post processing tools to create a vintage look. Some of them have their own tricks and styles, but in this article, we will give you tips on how to create vintage photographs like a pro.

Transforming a fresh and up to date image into vintage is something you would want to try out. Basically, it has something to do with saturation and color adjustments. Remember, old photographs are not as bright as with today’s HDR version.

Toning down the amount of contrast in the image is the first step to creating a vintage look. In photoshop, you need to select the current layer, then click on to the new adjustment layer then levels.

The other method to play with the image is by manipulating the colors. Go to enhance, then adjust color and click color variations. Ideally, you can record these steps as vintage photoshop actions so that it will be easier for you to make another vintage photograph.

There are a lot of brilliant photographers who use Photoshop and photoshop actions to create vintage photoshop actions and share it online for free or sometimes, paid. These actions are real and great time-savers to help you finish tons of editing workload.

Vintage art and photography has become popular with the public and learning how to make a good vintage image is important. As with any tricks, techniques and styles in creating a vintage look, there is always a room for uniqueness.

The only way to create a vintage photograph is to learn from the basic, read more helpful tutorial and start the trial and error process to master the art of vintage photography.

Getting to Know Adobe Photoshop CC

PSCCBasically, Adobe has been very busy updating and enhancing Lightroom 6. That’s why other users, especially amateur photographers are wondering why Adobe has stopped releasing new Photoshop versions every now and then. The thing here is that Adobe is confident of the status and performance of Photoshop CC. They are fully aware that even if there’s no consistent upgrade, Photoshop can do and perform well. Fortunately, last 2015, Adobe has made two huge Photoshop version release, which excites avid Photoshop users.

New tools were also added in Photoshop CC 2015.1; improved disk space storage and libraries, enhanced art boards and more additional Free photoshop actions. So, if you’re really serious in making good quality images, Photoshop CC is the right software for you.

Why You Should Get Photoshop CC 2015?

If you still don’t have the latest version of Photoshop, now is the time to grab the opportunity since Adobe is offering the lowest creative cloud plans for Photoshop. For $9.99 a month, you can enjoy limitless PS services, free version updates and an access to other Adobe freebies. To install Photoshop CC to your desktop, make sure to download creative cloud app first for better file syncing and install Photoshop CC. By now, you can create your own free photoshop actions and do a thorough image editing tasks.

Also, you should bear in mind that installing Photoshop CC 2015 version is only limited to PC Windows or Mac devices for a better editing experience. In any case, I believe that Photoshop CC will get better and better every day, month or year.

Exploring Lightroom: What to Expect?

pre4As we all know, Adobe Lightroom is a photo enhancement tool developed by Adobe systems in 2006. The program was re-launched in June of 2007, and by that time, everything was in place in terms of the editing features and other Lightroom services. Adobe Lightroom is not just for modifying tons of image collections, it was also developed for organizing and viewing bundles of images.  But despite its amazing features, the software was not spared from the so called bashing since for some people, Lightroom is a complete and similar program like Photoshop.

They didn’t realize that Adobe created Lightroom to help professional photographers with their workflow. Although there are similarities between the two, Lightroom is faster, simple and easy to use compared to Photoshop.

Talking about presets in Adobe Lightroom

If Photoshop has actions, Lightroom has presets. It is a collection of filtered images with different color tones and adjustments. Presets are the key to having a good quality outcome. It can be applied to hundreds or even thousands of images at once. Basically, as you start using Lightroom, you’ll be able to create your own set of presets, of course, by using the default presets for Lightroom as a guide. Presets can be found in the Library module and can be made in the develop module in Lightroom’s interface. However, there’s another way to get free presets for Lightroom; downloading bundle collections of presets online.

Professional photographers are now using presets for their images since it can help them save A LOT of time in their editing process since all they have to do is to apply one preset style to one or more images in just a few clicks.

While most editing tools are focusing on their editing capabilities, Lightroom continues to provide other useful and effective services aside from modifying images. It can do other things such as organizing, image and video presentation, keywords, tags, and metadata application and a whole lot more.


The Importance of Lightroom Tutorials

pre9Lightroom is the coolest thing as far as photo enhancing goes. But there is a significant amount of people who are apprehensive in using it with their photos. Either they construe it as another app with difficult tools to deal with or that they are treating Lightroom as one of the many photo apps that delivers the same effect to pictures, as did the others that come before it.

But Lightroom has its own tutorials for its users. “Tuts”, short for tutorials, can be found on its social media page, so users can develop their images through these steps that are quite easy to follow.

Tuts for Lightroom is essential for new users. In it, they are given comprehensive instructions as well as the benefit of having Lightroom as part of their photo-enhancing tool. Never start using Lightroom without undergoing these simple tutorials.

You will learn tricks, tools that you need when using a particular preset and even how to manage your photos with its customized system of filing. You will also learn how to stack and combine photos for a more forceful effect. And tuts for Lightroom is always available online.

Lightroom is not a hard act to follow, but these tutorials are indispensable because it allows you explore the many possibilities of using Lightroom as part of the editing process of your photos. Visit Lightroom’s social media page now and learn more from it.

Safety also is an element that Lightroom wishes to have with your photos. You will discover that photography through Lightroom is an enriching experience because it keeps your photos in a safe place, and you can only have that through the lessons and presentations these tuts for Lightroom has.

Your photos are in the right hands with Lightroom. Never mind if you are confused with it at first. There’s always the first time, but when you get the hang of it, you will see that these tutorials are an integral part of your Lightroom experience.

Pros and Cons of Using Lightroom Presets

Most of you have probably read several articles about Lightroom and most of it were positive feedbacks and reviews. But the thing here is that we also have to deal with their disadvantages and flaws to address the company that Lightroom is not a perfect tool and it still needs more improvement. In this article, we will discuss a little about their advantages and more of its flaws.

LR1 (2)

Lightroom and its presets let you produce tons of high-quality images, but what bothers most photographers is that there are some presets (third-party paid presets collections) that is not compatible with the version when in fact, it should be compatible to all Lightroom versions. Let’s say I’ve downloaded a $50 paid Lightroom film presets free on my interface, but I can’t use all of it since it has a compatibility issue, does that mean that I just wasted my $50? Hopefully and I’m very positive that Adobe will do something about the problem.

Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of Lightroom and its presets:


  • Adjustment tools are specifically designed to help photographers save time
  • Non-destructive interface. Automatically create and back up virtual copies so that there is no need to create another layer.
  • More Lightroom film presets free available online.



  • Lightroom only supports limited file types such as RAW and JPEG
  • Images can be edited after imported from other devices
  • GPU supporting processor in Lightroom 6 needs improvement and polishing
  • Third party presets compatibility issues


Overall, I still think that Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing tools every professional photographer should use for their images. Bugs and other issues can be improved, so there is no need to shift to other software. Aside from the mere fact that Lightroom is good at modifying images using presets, it is also a good tool for image organization, slide show presentation and video creation.

Having that Free Presets with Lightroom

Ever since the arrival of these photo apps, posting pictures online has gone to another level and into higher gear. You see pictures that are of great quality they are almost lifelike in their presentation, surreal even.

Thanks in part to Lightroom, with its presets and brushes, these kinds of photos are now making its presence felt online with utmost regularity. Photographers and photo enthusiasts alike are using it to enhance their pictures with satisfying results.

LR3The good thing about it is that Lightroom is quite accessible, it has this free presets list you can download online. A few years ago, however, that thing is unheard of. You would usually seek the help of a professional when dealing with photo enhancements. Now, you can access it on the web, free of charge (although you can also pay if you want additional presets for your photos). But, suffice it to say, there are a bunch of presets online that you can get free.

This free presets list has all the tools for the enhancement of your photos. In fact, there is a specific preset for every specific photo image. The effect that goes with it will not only improve the look of your photo in varying degrees, it also changes the mood even, say, from a vintage one into having that “infection” look. That is how flexible this list is for your photos.

And, you can have your own collection of presets, too, so you can share it to your friends or followers if you are maintaining a blog. You can make customized presets for your own collection, such a great way to gain more following online out of your personalized bundles of brushes and action camera reviews presets.

So start experimenting with these free presets on the web. There is a list of nature presets for those who dig the outdoors, a list of presets for portraits for those who are fond of posting their pretty faces online, or a list of presets for your wedding day. All the imaginable style and effect you can think of, Lightroom has it all.

This is now the in thing for photo editing and enhancing. Lightroom is making things easy for you as far as your photo enhancing needs are concerned, its free presets list available online will lead you to that another level of photo enhancing only professionals have been able to do so for quite some time.