Most of you have probably read several articles about Lightroom and most of it were positive feedbacks and reviews. But the thing here is that we also have to deal with their disadvantages and flaws to address the company that Lightroom is not a perfect tool and it still needs more improvement. In this article, we will discuss a little about their advantages and more of its flaws.

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Lightroom and its presets let you produce tons of high-quality images, but what bothers most photographers is that there are some presets (third-party paid presets collections) that is not compatible with the version when in fact, it should be compatible to all Lightroom versions. Let’s say I’ve downloaded a $50 paid Lightroom film presets free on my interface, but I can’t use all of it since it has a compatibility issue, does that mean that I just wasted my $50? Hopefully and I’m very positive that Adobe will do something about the problem.

Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of Lightroom and its presets:


  • Adjustment tools are specifically designed to help photographers save time
  • Non-destructive interface. Automatically create and back up virtual copies so that there is no need to create another layer.
  • More Lightroom film presets free available online.



  • Lightroom only supports limited file types such as RAW and JPEG
  • Images can be edited after imported from other devices
  • GPU supporting processor in Lightroom 6 needs improvement and polishing
  • Third party presets compatibility issues


Overall, I still think that Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing tools every professional photographer should use for their images. Bugs and other issues can be improved, so there is no need to shift to other software. Aside from the mere fact that Lightroom is good at modifying images using presets, it is also a good tool for image organization, slide show presentation and video creation.